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The Wolf King

She’s captured the king... but can she capture his heart before it’s too late?

Madeline Dalbot rules the peaceful kingdom of Tyrrath on her ailing father’s behalf. When their borders are attacked and her guards capture the notorious Wolf King, she is left with an impossible decision.

Unable either to release him or keep him prisoner without risking a full-scale war, she agrees to marry him instead, allowing his army access to her lands in exchange for the freedom to rule as she sees fit. But he ignores their bargain. His army strips Tyrrath’s resources, and her people go missing.

With the Wolf King intent on destroying everything and everyone Madeline loves, she must break through to his cold heart before her entire kingdom is enslaved. But the only way may be to risk everything she has.

The Wolf King is a fantasy romance retelling of The Three Little Pigs. It’s the first in a series of interconnected standalone stories and will be available in autumn 2024.

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A Matter of Blood

In a city where debts are paid in blood, it takes more than courage to survive.

All his life, Jake Amarel’s talent for mechanical invention has been overshadowed by his family’s ability to control matter with their minds. After an argument with his father compels him to leave for the capital, Jake’s dream of becoming an inventor is finally within reach. But as he’s swept along on a whirlwind of high living and technological marvels, Jake unwittingly enters the city’s darker side, where the slightest misstep could put more than his own life in peril.

Nathan Amarel has the peaceful life he always wanted—working the land on his family’s estate far from the evils they left behind in the capital. But when Jake leaves for the city, Nathan must decide how far he is willing to go to protect the brother he loves.

A Matter of Blood is an allegorical steampunk adventure that explores family bonds, sacrificial love, and redemption.

The Legacy Chronicles

Find out more about The Legacy Chronicles here.