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Street teams are vital for authors, especially indie authors. They help us spread the word about our stories, get excited about our upcoming releases, and keep us going when times are hard.

If you like the sound of The Wolf King and want to join me ‘behind the scenes’ while I prepare for the launch, now is your chance. My street team is open for sign-ups!

What’s in it for you? Early access to all the cool things - artwork, cover, map, book news, etc.

What do you have to do? I’ll send monthly emails with two simple tasks in each - post, share, tag, etc.

Want to join but don’t have a lot of time or energy? Join the street team ‘lite’. It has many of the same benefits but fewer emails and tasks.

Find out more or sign up here.

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Picture of the books in the giveaway

Romantasy Giveaway

I’ve been wanting to take part in a group giveaway for a while now, so I promised myself that when I got The Wolf King to a readable state, I’d do one. Well, that time is here! I’ve joined with some outstanding indie romantasy authors to bring you the opportunity to win eight incredible reads, including early access to The Wolf King.

Want to Enter?

It’s easy. Go to my Instagram profile, find the post with this graphic, and follow the simple instructions. Pick a different contributing author each day and share their posts for more entries.

Update: The giveaway winner has been selected and announced in my Instagran stories. Congratulations @rikkesreadingnook!

Writing Update

The complete draft of The Wolf King is finally done. Finished. Gone!

I’ve never been so proud of myself for finishing a first draft before, but I suppose I’ve never written while dealing with grief and a long-term illness before either. It’s impossible to describe the ups and downs I’ve had over the past year, but suffice to say, a HUGE thank you for all the encouragement, and I’m now a tangled mess of relief, exhaustion, excitement, and raw nerves.

"Why nerves?" you might ask. Because the manuscript is now with my editor and a few authors I respect who are reading it for possible endorsement. Waiting is always hard, so I’m distracting myself with some fun ideas for the launch and notes for the next in the series.

Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for chances to win goodies and get early access to the cover, artwork, and book.

Until then, have fun reading!

Guess who finished drafting her next book? picture

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Author Spotlight

I first met Vanessa Rasanen online about five years ago, but it took until last October for us to finally meet in person. I’m so glad I went to the Writer’s Sanctuary retreat, because hanging out together was so much fun. She’s a great friend and an incredible author, and she’s just released her latest fantasy romance book.

Until The Stars Fall

The last time a fae royal took a human bride it started a war.
This time it could prevent one.

Find the book here.
Find Vanessa on Instagram.