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A Matter of Blood

In a city where debts are paid in blood, it takes more than courage to survive.

All his life, Jake Amarel's talent for mechanical invention has been overshadowed by his family's ability to control matter with their minds. After an argument with his father compels him to leave for the capital, Jake's dream of becoming an inventor is finally within reach. But as he's swept along on a whirlwind of high living and technological marvels, Jake unwittingly enters the city's darker side, where the slightest misstep could put more than his own life in peril.

Nathan Amarel has the peaceful life he always wanted—working the land on his family's estate far from the evils they left behind in the capital. But when Jake leaves for the city, Nathan must decide how far he is willing to go to protect the brother he loves.

A Matter of Blood is an allegorical steampunk adventure that explores family bonds, sacrificial love, and redemption.

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Short Stories


Analise has a past, but does that mean she cannot have a future? Pick up this story of hope and second chances here.


Fancy a story about a dragon pulled across dimensions by an inept witch? Then check out Summoned here.

The First Shift

The pull of the ocean runs deep in Dave's family. Will he be able to navigate the changes his first shift brings? Get The First Shift here.


When Sara decides to visit a dig site, she is left stranded and alone. But that may soon become the least of her worries. Subscribe to my newsletter to find out why.

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Anthology Contributions

There's something uniquely rewarding about being part of something bigger than yourself. I loved contributing to these anthologies, and it's something I'd very much like to do again in the future.

Rebirth: Havok Season One

Havok Publishing has a special place in my heart, and to be part of their first anthology, Rebirth, was an experience I will cherish forever. Five genres, six themes, forty-eight stories, all less than a thousand words and all celebrating the idea of starting anew.

If you like fantastic flash fiction, pick up Rebirth here.

Havok Anthology Cover

Whitstead Christmastide: A Speculative Anthology

This collection of stories is completely different. Set over the Christmas period in a small town in Dickensian England, they include everything from angels to aliens, sweet historical fiction to portal fantasy. Be on the look out for connections between stories, as this was a real group effort.

For stories guaranteed to warm your heart, no matter the season, check out Whitstead Christmastide here.

Whitstead Christmastide Anthology

Whitstead Harvestide: A Speculative Anthology

The second instalment in the Whitstead series takes place during the autumn of 1845, when the weather is bleak and strange events abound. My characters, along with many others, return to face even greater challenges and make incredible and personal discoveries along the way.

For stories of adventure, humour, loneliness and family, myth and legend, find Whitstead Harvestide here.

Whitstead Harvestide Anthology